Every bass might have a tale

EVERY CATCH is clean, right?

Of course, everyone is above reproach. Never in the history of angling–make that bass angling–has there ever been a sniff of impropriety. All anglers can be trusted. All significant catches are certified. Go-Pro makes it so. PhotoShop confirms it.

So what are the two biggest, most recent stories in circulation this fall?

Isn’t one the sentencing of team partners for their catch scam in Alabama (click here)? (more…)

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In deference to Adam West and company, this weekend’s Bass-A-Thon (BAT) will have its own all-star line-up. No Catwoman, Penguin or Joker, but you’ll find an amazing array of gear, glitter and guests.

Naturally, I look forward to seeing U.S. Open winner Cliff Pirch, a late, but great addition to the line-up of Main Stage speakers. (more…)

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San Vicente Dam

WHAT’S BEHIND the San Vicente Dam next year?

Excavators and crews were clearing the outlet channel here in Lake Elsinore last week. Fearing the potential of a wet winter, I presume they, like many homeowners, are thinking they better act now, rather than deal with the consequences potential run-off.

With regard to the outlet channel (that leads out through the wetlands, northward to the Santa Ana River), if heavy rain comes, debris could block the water’s egress and lead to flooding that could split the city in half, just as it did in the early 1980’s.

But is this a potential El Niño condition, (more…)

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EHRLER named #1...

EHRLER named #1…

For this, the 20th anniversary of the California Top 40 Bass Anglers List, the task was almost impossible determining the best bass anglers in the Golden State. Whether by peer references, point standings or merely the “Eye Test,” our Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) tried to find some separation between so many fishermen with worthy, but hardly lights out performances.

Even on the biggest stages of national competition, the margins have never been closer. Yet, after much consideration, Brent Ehrler of Redlands has been named the Number One bass angler in the Golden State on the strength of his two circuit successes. (more…)

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CRAZY CRAWLER design was from 1939…

What’s that line from Shawshank Redemption? “You know what they say about the Pacific Ocean? It has no memory.”

Well, that’s the way it looks in the Western Pacific, as respected Japanese lure-maker Jackall seems to have forgotten all about the roots of its newest bait, the Pompadour.

Even before WWII in the Pacific, James Heddon’s Sons already had this bait–only they called it the Crazy Crawler. (more…)

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Always under consideration as one of the best anglers in California, it should be worth noting that this week’s SDFish.com final rankings has Kevin Norling on top in the region for 2014.

The SDFish rankings utilizes a strict points calculation for events held only in San Diego County, leaving non-tournament anglers (more…)

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CO-ANGLERS, such as Tami Curtis from a few seasons back, are being phased out of FLW.

CO-ANGLERS, such as Tami Curtis from a few seasons back, are being phased out of FLW.

Let them down easy.

That seems to be the strategy of FLW as it gets ready to drop co-anglering from the national Tour. Announcing its new rules last week, the FLW won’t be inviting co-anglers to the annual Forrest Wood Cup in 2016. One would have to suspect, in due time there won’t be a need for co-anglers anywhere else.

Read: the Rayovac contribution of co’s–other than for a Rayovac championship, this year or next.

True, the official status report remains the same for the “battery boys” in 2015, but no mention was made of co’s beyond next season. (more…)

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UPDATED 7:05 a.m.Spoiling a perfectly insightful post here on KGF, it appears (read first comments posted) that National Bass West has had a change of heart and will continue its operation in 2015. I apologize for any distress today’s post may have caused.

They say the customer is always right–and for that reason, the goal of most tournament organizations is to get the customer what he wants in the way of paybacks, locations and rules. On the other hand, how does the customer respond when one of those successful circuits suddenly disappears? (more…)

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Hey, I’m kind of a chips and cookies guy when it comes to vending machines. Watching the spring turn with my snack bag inching forward, or hearing the seismic, double thump of that soda bottle hitting the catch bin. But in Australia, (more…)

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fluke biter

HOOK POINT should poke through the center ridge on the back of the fluke.

Back about June 2, I was talking about fluke fishing, based on the advice of local expert, Jimmy Emmett of Wildomar. Things have come up to interrupt that story (including some tournament in the desert) but now there’s time to discuss rigging and working that little bait.

What I’ve come to find out is his use of the fluke was not for subsurface action (as I have seen some of the pros utilize) but rather it is much more a topwater bait–with requisite variations, depending on how the fish react.

To fish it that way does include some other tackle elements (more…)

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